Online NVQ is a great way to expand your knowledge and fulfil your goals in your career, without the need to sit an exam and have time off work. It is doing it at your own pace when it suits you. The elearning platform allows you to plan your study time to suit you and gives you the ability to check your progress. Our Awarding Body is ProQual who are recognised and approved by Ofqual.

By completing the skills test we can determine if the Online NVQ it is right for you – we won’t enrol you on the NVQ unless we know you can achieve the qualification so you won’t be wasting your money with any of our ProQual Qualifications.

What is an Online NVQ?

A National Vocational Qualification is a work based way of learning which recognises the skills, knowledge and understanding a person needs to do their job. Each Online NVQ level involves a range of on the job tasks and activities. Candidates need to demonstrate that they meet each learning outcome of the qualification.

What are the benefits of undertaking an NVQ Online?

Benefits of Online NVQs for individuals:

  • A flexible route to becoming qualified in the workplace with no examinations and in your own time
  • A practical demonstration of the individuals skills, knowledge, understanding
  • Certification to demonstrate you have met a national standard for an occupational role
  • Improved employability and transferability
  • Access to recognised qualification for employees with no other formal education

Benefits of Online NVQs for Employers:

  • An effective way of developing staff to a nationally recognised standard which results in improved efficiency
  • Proof of the candidate’s capability to do their job as it is based on what they can do rather than what they know
  • On the job training and evidence gathering, therefore less down time from the employee
  • Demonstrates a commitment to quality both internally and externally to customers
  • Ensures employees are up to date with industry standards and best practice

The different levels of NVQ’s

  • Level 1 Qualification– This is ideal for those without any previous qualifications, an introduction into education. Often are achieved at secondary school examples of Level1 Qualifications include GCSE grades D, E, F or G.
  • Level 2 Qualification– Involves carrying out complex work-based duties and gaining good knowledge, understanding of a subject.
  • Level 3 Qualification– The range of duties become greater and their complexity increases. An example of Level3 qualifications include ALevel grades A, B, C, D or E.
  • Level 4 Qualification– Higher Education Certificate/BTEC, it provides a specialist and detailed level of learning, this is ideal for those looking to manage others or work in technical roles.
  • Level 5 Qualification – Higher Education Diploma/Foundation Degree, this involves learning about an area of work more in depth. This covers senior management and the training of others. 
  • Level 6 Qualification – This refers to qualifications gained at degree-level, examples of Level6 qualifications include Bachelors degree (with or without honours). This is the first step for those looking to pursue a masters.
  • Level 7 Qualification -This refers to a level of education equivalent to a masters degree.
  • Level 8 Qualification – This refers to a doctorate level of education, often known as a PhD which is the highest level.

What is RPL?

Recognised Prior Learning is an assessment process that involves assessment of an individual’s relevant prior learning (including formal, informal and non-formal learning) to determine the credit outcomes of an individual application for credit for your NVQ Online. If you have already covered a specific unit in the past we will take this into consideration and you won’t have to do it again. There has to be a direct link for us to be able to claim RPL.

How long does it take to complete an Online NVQ?

There is no set time for the qualifications and you complete your NVQ online at your own pace. You have full support from your assessor for 12-24 months depending on the NVQ. We will ensure your requirements are identified during enrolment and will work with you to ensure full satisfaction. Qualification resources are available on the portal to help you collect the relevant evidence for each unit. Our Awarding Body for all our qualifications is ProQual.

How will I be assessed for my NVQ Online?

The online prices are for you to complete your NVQ online at your own pace with the exemption of the demolition qualifications. You don’t have any exams with our ProQual Qualifications, you have a portfolio which consists of all your evidence of the tasks you’ve carried out at work to meet the specification.  The levels you need to meet are based on the national standards of the job you’re in and each unit will be signed off as and when you meet those standards. Your allocated tutor will support you throughout to ensure you meet the assessment criteria and achieve your NVQ.